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At MicroThin we have taken the lead in providing the best support options possible for our new and existing clients. Allowing clients to call on one key service provider that manages all their IT needs is the key to consistency when building a relationship between our staff and our clients.

As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and a leading Office 365 migration specialists, MicroThin is well equipped to help you migrate to Office 365 in a seamless way, transforming the way your company does business.

MicroThin’s Advanced Protection Services ensures we have all your protection needs covered. We have created a perimeter of protection by using Mail Assure and Sophos Advanced Protection.

Travel agency support

MicroThin has over 20 years’ experience in supporting local Travel Agents with all their IT needs along with the support of their GDS and Mid/Back Office systems

NBN has seen the end of copper wire based phone systems along with some other legacy based phone technologies. MicroThin Hosted Voice allows you to keep your main business number and move it to VOIP based cloud service

We have taken the lead in providing the best support options possible for our clients.

We are part of your team and in fact we are your virtual IT team who are there to handle the day to day operational side of all your IT business needs.
In early 2010 we started the SLA (Service Level Agreement) program for all our clients. This program to day is our key offering to all clients when it comes to delivering consistent managed IT services.

The SLA program covers off all required labour and expertise to be able to manage the day to day IT operations for your business whether a small or large business our SLA program delivers great cost benefits in helping to control the IT costs within the business ensuring that your monthly IT costs are consistent and controlled.

MicroThin Hosted Voice

NBN has seen the end of copper wire based phone systems along with some other legacy based phone technologies. MicroThin Hosted Voice allows you to keep your main business number and move it to a VOIP based cloud service. Hosted Voice offers great flexibility and new services that older phone systems are unable to deliver.

If you need expert help in moving your business phone services into a compatible NBN network we can customise a solution that will fit your business needs.



HP Hardware Quote, Supply and Install

Choosing HP as our key supplier for all Servers, Desktops and Laptops ensures we are able to deliver a standard operating environment for all clients.

HP has always been renowned for building solid hardware. We have chosen HP because of this very reason. Increased productivity and less down time because of decreased hardware failures ensures better customer experience. Ensuring all hardware is covered by on-site 3 years warranty is paramount to our delivery of a successful SLA

MicroThin partners


Hosting our client DNS services, company emails & websites in Sydney

Hosting our client DNS services along their company emails and websites in Sydney at our secure data centre over the past 12 years has ensured a high level of service is delivered along with faster speeds. Keeping our hosting local ensures we are promoting and using local suppliers to ensure our clients data is not hosted off-shore.

We are able to offer tailored web and email hosting packages to suite all businesses. Because we own and support our own infrastructure we can respond quicker during local business hours. If you want to work with a local provider and not an off-shore hosting provider we will have a solution that suits your business needs

We provide real-time protection including business policy based blocking

managed services

Mail Assure – Spam and Virus Protection Services

Whether you’re a small or large business we all rely on email. MicroThin is able to provide hosted services that suit your needs and budget.

As part of our hosted email services we include access to the world’s best Anti-Spam and Virus system provided through our Partner Mail Assure. This service is fully managed by MicroThin and is integrated into our email hosted solutions and plays a major part in providing a perimeter of protection around our client networks thus creating a layer of protection and backup that is not available in most traditional email hosting environments

Sophos Advanced Protection

The Sophos Advanced Cloud Protection service is the latest in cloud protection solutions. Delivering a complete solution at the server and desktop level we are able to provide real-time protection including business policy based blocking to help decrease the risks of having open internet services on your network.

SolarWinds Mail Assure – Stay Safe and Productive on Emails

MicroThin has partnered with SolarWinds® to offer an ultra secure, ultra reliable email protection and archiving platform that protects businesses from phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats. Mail Assure provides best-in-class email protection and email archiving with unparalleled service stability and excellent user experience with features such as:

  • Robust email AVAS protection powered by a continuously updated threat database
  • Weekly development cycles to ensure the product is updated against the latest spam or malware outbreaks
  • 24/7 built-in email continuity
  • Compatible with any kind of email service
  • Virtually no downtime in over a decade
  • Relentless focus on control & transparency: multi-tier, multi-tenant, multi-lingual control panel
  • Encrypted, tamper-proof email archiving with an unlimited storage period
  • Branding for you and your customers
  • Geographical zone selection for mail processing if needed for regulatory or compliance reasons
  • Additional security layer for Office 365
  • Affordable pricing

Smart, secure, and efficient IT services software

built by people who know your work is your passion.

MicroThin Managed Print Services Powered by Fujifilm

MicroThin has joined forces with Fujifilm to deliver the best range of printers in the market today along with the best print per page cost structure available.

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. For most companies the ongoing cost of office printing – cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service – is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings. With Channel MPS take control of your print activities and reduce costs by up to 30%

Speak to MicroThin about Fujifilm Channel MPS and the benefits it can deliver to your business today.

MicroThin is a proud partner of The Charlie Teo Foundation

When Charlie called and said he needed us to setup all the IT services required for the new foundation I couldn’t say no.  We have a great deal of respect for Dr Charlie Teo and his foundation so it’s a great honor for us to be part of the team.

I called Fujifilm who we have partnered with for over 10 years now to deliver print solutions. Thanks to Aluan Drummond and the team they were keen to jump on board and provide the foundation with a great print solution


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